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Appointment Policy


Guidelines for Appointments and Admissions


There are two ways your pet can be examined and treated at our hospital. One doctor will see a large number of scheduled appointments each day, while another will perform surgeries and treat admitted patients. If you schedule an appointment, you will be present while your pet is examined, and have an opportunity to speak with the doctor as the examination is performed. If you choose to admit your pet for treatment, we request that you do so between the hours of 8:00 and 8:30 AM. Your pet will be admitted to the hospital and seen by the doctor who is treating admissions on that day. All admitted patients' owners will have an opportunity to communicate directly with the doctor who treated their pet via phone or as a release appointment, which is done at the time of discharge, generally between the hours of 4:00 and 4:45 PM. It is important to note that certain problems and procedures require that the pet be admitted rather than seen as an appointment; our receptionists will be happy to assist you in choosing the option that works best for your pet. Please note that admissions are not accepted on Saturdays due to our reduced business hours.


Occasionally, our admitting doctor will decline taking further admissions on any given day, if her schedule is already filled. In that event, we will do our best to get your pet scheduled for an appointment that day instead of admitting him or her. We request that you please call us to discuss bringing your pet in before doing so, so that we may arrange the option that will allow them to get the best care, and work best for your schedule.


An Important Note About Admissions


When you admit your pet to our hospital, it is important to note the fact that paperwork must be done in conjunction with the admission. This means that our reception staff will have to ask you multiple questions and fill out several forms before your pet can be taken in for treatment. Please allow ten to fifteen minutes for check-in on the morning that you bring your pet in. Your understanding is appreciated.



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