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Hospital Tour

   On this page you will find a virtual tour of our facility with photos of the major areas in our hospital. Take a look around and see where your family member will be cared for.





Santa Barbara Pet Hospital has separate waiting areas for our canine and feline patients. In the dog waiting room, pictured to the right, we strive to create a comfortable, cheerful area in which to receive our clients and their pets. Both waiting rooms are stocked with informative pamphlets to insure that there is always information at your fingertips.



Our feline patients have their own waiting room so they never have to worry about stressful encounters with pesky dogs. Like our dog waiting area, our cat waiting area is well-stocked with informative pamphlets, and our selection of Science Diet feline products is easy to access.


Pictured to the left is our pharmacy and laboratory area, where medications are kept and dispensed and slides are examined under our microscope.


Just down the hallway from the pharmacy and lab is our radiology room, where radiographs, or x-rays, are taken and developed.


Pictured to the left is our dental room, where dental cleanings are performed. In this photo, two veterinary assistants work on cleaning a cat's teeth.



Located toward the back of our hospital is the treatment room, where most patients that are being admitted to the hospital are examined and treated. A variety of procedures such as bandaging, blood collection, fluid therapy and wound care are performed in this room. In these pictures, Dr. Trujillo and two assistants prepare a dog for an ovariohysterectomy, or spay.



Pictured above is our kennel area, located at the very back of the hospital building. This area houses all of our patients and boarders. The kennel area is made up of three separate wards, which consist of runs for our larger canine guests, and cages of varying sizes along the wall. We have a separate ward for cats, with a door that can be closed if our feline patients require more privacy. Pictured on the above left is our dog ward; pictured on the above right is our feline ward.


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